Who We Are

At Salesmsg, we believe conversations are good for business.

The fastest, easiest way to start those conversations is through text messages. That’s why we built a simple, scalable platform that makes two-way texting conversations possible for businesses.

Our team of extremely talented people designed our Salesmsg app—our all-in-one text messaging and calling platform for sales, marketing and support teams.

Salesmsg is also a fast-growing startup. For two years in a row, Inc. Magazine has named Salesmsg one of the fastest growing private companies in America as part of their prestigious Inc. 5000 list.

Since we launched, Salesmsg has helped thousands of businesses attract, engage, convert, and care for customers with text messaging.

Right now, we’re looking for an experienced HR expert and recruiter to be our next Head of People.

(Could this be you? Keep reading to find out. But first…)

Why Salesmsg?

We’re a people first company. Easy to say, right? We really mean it. We love hiring remarkable, brilliant-but-humble people who are some of the kindest people you’ll meet. That includes everyone from our two co-founders to our just-started-this-week team members.

We ALSO put our customers first. Our ultimate goal is our customers’ success. That goal drives every area of our business from our product team who created 157 new features in 2023 alone to our customer success team who responds to customers in an hour (or less).

We’re a remote company. Why bother moving or driving to the office when you can work from home? That’s why our team is spread across the U.S., Europe and Asia (Florida, New York, Georgia, Indiana, Colorado, Wisconsin, Texas, Utah, California, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Belarus). As long as you can show up to work on your computer, we’re happy to have you!

We only build exceptional SaaS products. Our worldwide team built our best-in-class platform with simple, scalable features that we improve every single day.

We give potentially life-changing equity. We’re a startup, so we want to reward the top performers who get us where we’re going. That’s why we give equity in the company, so your hard work in our company’s future will directly impact your future too.

We pile on the benefits. Besides a competitive salary and equity, we offer all the benefits you need to take care of yourself and your family like health, vision and dental.

Our Core Values

We Figure It Out.
No micro-managers here. Instead, we innovate and tackle challenges ourselves. Also, we’re a startup. Stuff breaks. Barriers happen. We figure it out. We help each other. No worries.

Seek Continuous Improvement.
We’re after GREATNESS. That means we’re always reading and learning ourselves. If we don’t know something, we Google it. We get certified. We learn. Period.

Keep it Real & Conversational.
Seeing things as they truly are gives us power. That’s why we speak openly and honestly at all times. We know that leaving things unsaid can breed resentment and crumble the highest-performing teams. So we encourage everyone to speak up.

People First Mindset.
Our team and customers come first. We know we can’t build anything without our incredible team—and we can’t sell anything without our awesome customers.

Be Flexible.
There will always be twists and turns when you work for a startup. So we encourage everyone to be nimble, flexible and hook each other up whenever we can. We win together as a flexible group, not as any one person.

Head of People: Is this you?

  • Are you the empathetic leader who can recruit, onboard and inspire the next brilliant people to join Salesmsg?
  • Do you have the magnetic personality (or just great people skills) necessary to serve as a champion and role model for our company’s culture?
  • Do you have experience partnering with a leadership team to drive the company’s goals and KPIs by finding and onboarding the next remarkable people on our team?
  • Do you love agile, fast-moving startup companies?
  • Do you get excited about creating HR processes, workflows and identifying inefficiencies on a team?
  • Do you feel comfortable keeping track of the mood of a 100% remote organization that spans the entire globe—and pretty much every timezone—to act as a connection point between the leadership team and a team of 50+?
  • Do you love the idea of establishing systems and practices to promote company culture, collaboration, performance and accountability across all departments?
  • Are you jazzed by the idea of leading people in all departments through talent acquisition and recruitment, learning and development, championing our culture, and rewarding employees for their hard work across the company?

If so, you could be the HR leader we’re looking for.

As our new Head of People, you’ll be in charge of recruiting, onboarding, maintaining culture and keeping close (but not too close) tabs on our team of 50+ around the globe.

In this brand new role, you’ll be building and maintaining all our necessary culture and HR-driven processes from scratch.

You’ll also be responsible for the KPIs that ensure our employee’s productivity across all departments.

(Sound like fun? Keep reading!)

What you’ll see and improve

  • The Team: At the highest level, you’ll be responsible for driving the strategy behind recruiting, hiring and onboarding our team, so our people align with the company's values and strategies.
  • Filling the key gaps: Working closely with the other team leaders, you will help identify talent gaps and development needs within the business unit and key positions, and support the implementation of learning activities and initiatives to promote leadership growth at all levels.
  • Key KPIs: You’ll be responsible for data analysis, metrics, and tools to demonstrate progress toward achieving key milestones and drive strategy.
  • Be a partner for managers: You’ll be the trusted resource for all employee managers. You will partner with them to ensure they manage according to Salesmsg Guiding and Operating Principles.
  • Fairness, equity, simplicity: You’ll be a key player in matters spanning functional areas that need alignment and consistency—ensuring equity, fairness, simplicity, and efficiency for all team members.
  • Guide on sensitive matters: You’ll provide expert guidance and lead the management team and employees on sensitive human resource related matters.
  • Compliance, consistency and communication: To ensure highly scalable, reliable, finely tuned, and proactive administrative systems and processes, you’ll easily communicate and ensure compliance and consistency with company practices and policies.
  • Create the HR and onboarding playbook: You’ll be responsible for rolling out HR practices and programs at the local level, including performance management, merit planning, and open enrollment.
  • Lead all the people activities: You’ll work with all levels of the organization to coordinate and oversee all of the people-related activities.
  • Make what we do better: As the overall voice of our staff (and face of our culture), we’d love for you to collaborate with the leadership team to make everything we’re doing for our staff that much better.
  • The countless things we have NOT thought of yet: Again, we don’t micromanage. You tell us what needs to happen. Then do it. Simple as that.


  • Minimum of three years of professional business experience, with at least two years in HR generalist or management roles.
  • You should have a strong understanding of all basic HR functions, including recruiting, compensation, and legal compliance. Along with that, you should ideally have experience in remote office operations and administrative services.
  • You should have experience in managing multi-disciplinary groups with conflicting priorities and possess strong leadership and influencing skills to improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency.
  • As our Head of People, you’ll thrive if you have strong project and program management skills, a culture-focused approach, and a people-oriented mindset.
  • You should have experience in organizational design and alignment programs, as well as a proven track record in building, leading, and supporting people development programs.
  • You’re the kind of person who loves developing new systems and work streams that bring real results and procedural efficiencies—while keeping things simple at the same time.
  • Beyond that, you’re already an effective communicator, able to collaborate across functions and influence operational efficiencies. You should have strong presentation skills and the ability to facilitate meetings effectively—while also communicating effectively in person and in writing.

The Benefits

  • Remote work: Work from anywhere
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance: Personal health, dental, and vision 50% covered after 30 days.
  • Team trips: We book at least one all-expenses-paid team trip per year.
  • Unlimited PTO. Need time off, just let us know.
  • Wellness Perks: Classpass access to 41,500+ studios worldwide (yoga, cycling, Pilates, Barre, running, strength training, dance, sports, videos and more.)
  • Books and Courses: Access to over 10 courses already across marketing, content creation, SEO, and more.
  • Focused Time Blocks: We discourage meetings before noon so employees can have undistracted time to work.
  • Bonus Structure: Potential bonuses based on performance.
  • $250 Charity Donation: We will donate to any charity of their choice.
  • Semi-Monthly Paychecks: Get paid on-time every other Friday.
  • Swag: T-Shirts, stickers, and Salesmsg gear to kit you out!
  • Teledoc Virtual Health: Speak directly with a doctor anytime from anywhere.
  • TalkSpace Online Mental Health Therapy: We've got you covered for when you need help.
  • Incredible Growth and Promotion Opportunities: Ground floor opportunity to make your mark.

Are you a match?

We hope you already clicked the button to apply.

But just in case, please know that we completely understand that not everyone will tick every box above. That is not as important as who you are. We’re looking for a remarkable person who’s willing to do the work to help us build something great.

Seriously, if this sounds like something you’d love to do—and you’re willing to take on this challenge—we want to talk with you.

Go for it. Click the button above to apply now!